JD Sports

Winter Wonderland

We created the VFX and post-work for JD Sports Christmas campaign.

Directed by Mark Gill and working with The Chase, the TVC was launched on the 6th of November during the hit-series Gogglebox and sees a host of A-list celebrities – led by rapper Michael Dappah – accompany a young boy on a journey through a sports-themed, winter wonderland.

With on-set filming in both London and Manchester, the world was brought to life through extensive VFX set work, which transported viewers through futuristic cityscapes, Rita Ora’s throne room, and Anthony Joshua’s digital boxing ring. We also helped create 40, 30 and 10-second TVCs, online adverts and outdoor videos for the whole campaign. The commercials aired across Europe and Australia.

Watch the full advert below:


To meet the director’s vision and JD’s commercial standards, we ensured that every aspect of the project was completed at the highest level. Most of the shots were completed using motion control, requiring our team to have passes for both tracking and lighting. The creative vision was also enhanced by DOP, Fernando Ruiz.

You can see our VFX breakdown below:


The scenes were all very unique: Rita Ora’s throne room was a huge, on-set build with the distance and augmentation created by Flipbook Studio, whereas the zipper scene was built entirely using a green screen. The CGI elements were all completed in 3ds Max using V-ray to render, with compositing and tracking completed in Nuke and Syntheyes.

A big challenge for the project was shooting within the schedules of 15 celebrities during a global pandemic, and all while meeting the airing deadline! However, the team filming was brilliant – it ended up being 7 days of shooting only. Mark Gill is a collaborative director and worked directly with us, and that always helps bring the visuals to life with amazing results. For me, and from my years of VFX work, I like the opening shots because despite there being few practical elements – including one window using practical – the end result is very convincing

Ben Haworth - VFX Supervisor

Full Credits:

Director: Mark Gill
Production: The Chase Films Producer: Ed Newell
Director of Photography: Fernando Ruiz
Editor: Bled Bujupi
Creative: The Chase Creative Consultancy Creative Director: Ben Casey
VFX: Flipbook VFX Producer: Jo Wilkinson VFX Supervisor: Ben Haworth

The Full celebrity cast:
Michael Dapaah, Anthony Joshua, Virgil Van Dijk, Aitch, Wizkid, Sam Kerr, Leomie, Maya Jama, Mabel, AJ Tracy, Tom Davies and Rita Ora are all in the main 70-second ad. Declan Rice, Trent Alexander Arnold are in the 10-second ads and also used in the outdoor videos too.


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