Star Wars: Origins – VFX Breakdown

The full VFX breakdown for Flipbook Studio’s work on Star Wars: Origins is now live. With over 100 4K VFX/CGI shots, Star Wars: Origins exceeds expectations for a typical fan movie, both in terms of production values and ambition.



These folks at Flipbook have honestly blown me away with their work on the film. I’m not one of those filmmakers that do VFX themselves so handing over some of the most important and ambitious sequences to someone else makes me a little sick thinking about it. It’s the lack of control that I find difficult. But, these talented artists have created ILM level effects for this film. They’ve done it purely for the love, passion for Star Wars and challenge of creating full-scale, ambitious sequences… and all in 4K! I can’t thank Ben, Andrew and their team enough for their stunning work.

Phil Hawkins - Director

For the entire case study and a link to the film, click here.