CBeebies – Christmas in Storyland

We completed compositing and animation work for CBeebies’ annual panto that aired on the 12th of December 2020 on CBeebies and the BBC iPlayer.

Normally filmed in front of a live audience and shown in cinemas nationwide, this year, the performance was filmed entirely in a green screen studio to maintain social distancing.

This year’s panto titled, Christmas in Storyland, follows the tale of Dillydally the Delivery Elf, played by Andy Day and his boss Head Elf Jiffy, played by Jennie Dale, as they set out on a quest to deliver a stocking full of Christmas goodies.

Our team of artists worked hard to bring the virtual world of Christmas in Storyland to life, completing over 600 shots across 44 minutes of greenscreen footage. All of the compositing work for the project was completed using The Foundry’s Nuke software and the final show was finished in around four weeks.

The end result is a magical adventure that produces the same Christmas spirit and energy found in an on-stage production.


Dillydally the Delivery Elf, played by Andy Day
His boss Head Elf Jiffy, played by Jennie Dale
Justin Fletcher as Yeti
Gemma Hunt as the Empress of Storyland
Maddie Moate as Professor lobster
Cat Sandion as Jelly Jellyfish

You can watch the full show on the BBC iPlayer here


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