Gamma / Fox Agency

Gamma – Good Together

At Flipbook Studio, we pride ourselves on turning imagination into reality. Our high-end creature and character work is often at the forefront of this and we were delighted once again to be able to conceptualise and bring to life a unique character for leading B2B telco giant, Gamma. Commisioned by and working alongside Fox Agency, we were entrusted to create a captivating promotional film (undertaking both live action and CG animation elements) highlighting the importance of simplifying business communications.

Our character design team comceptualised a huge purple dog—the new brand mascot representing Gamma’s commitment to empowering businesses economically, socially, and environmentally. Our 3D modelling, groom and animation departments then brought the dog to life, creating a photorealistic canine with lucious purple locks and a big personality.


Once we’d captured the live-action elements, we seamlessly integrated the CGI dog into the footage, bringing to life a character that underscores Gamma’s role as a trusted partner in simplifying complex business communications. Take a look at our making of reel below to understand a little more about how we craft and bring to life our creatures and characters.


Client: Gamma

Creative Agency: Fox Agency

Production: Flipbook Studio

Post-Production / VFX: Flipbook Studio