INSIDE Flipbook – Adam Trowers

INSIDE Flipbook is our new series promoting the talented individuals that make the studio so great. From artists to producers, every member of the team brings a unique personality and skillset.

In this edition, we spoke with Flipbook Studio’s VFX Technical Director, Adam Trowers.

When did you first become passionate about 3D?

While working as an IT Technician at a school, I had time during the summer holidays to play around with the software required to be installed. I came across two programs called Bryce and Vue. Both were used for creating environments and I was intrigued about how they worked, it kind of went from there. It made me decide to go to uni and enrol onto a VFX course.

What interested you in joining Flipbook and when did you start? 

My first job in the industry outside of Uni was for a VFX startup in Leeds. Some good fortune resulted in a company dropping out of the Mrs Peppercorn project – which Flipbook was supervising – and led to us being contacted to fill in. This is how I originally got to know Flipbook and I liked the work they were doing. I met Ben shortly after and the rest is history.

What’s a typical day like as a VFX Technical Director?

Coffee is always the first order of the day. Then, I generally check renders that were sent to the farm from the previous day. I find myself jumping a lot between setting up scenes, completing RnD on an effect that needs finalising for an upcoming project and compositing current renders. I ensure that I’ve checked over all the scenes that need to be submitted to the render farm by the end of the day.

How has your role changed since you started at Flipbook? 

When I first started I was generally just delivering fire and water effects and general fluid dynamics. As I progressed, I picked up compositing and took up a greater responsibility in scene and lighting setups. I began to learn broader areas of VFX while still specialising in the fluid dynamics and particle side of things.

What’s your favourite part of being a Technical Director?

I think my favourite and also the most daunting part of being a TD is figuring out how to complete various aspects of a new project. I usually spend a bit of time on RnD to find out how to approach shots and work out how long they’ll take to complete. Generally, we get a few jobs throughout the year which I don’t know how to do, but I always find a way in the end.

What’s been the most memorable project that you’ve worked on so far? 

Star Wars: Origins was very memorable because I was involved in almost every part of the pipeline, from tracking shots through to some texturing and lighting, setting up effects and finally, compositing a lot of the shots. It was a quick turnaround, and stressful at times, but 100% worth the outcome.



Where do you see the future for Flipbook Studio? 

As a TD, you’re constantly learning with each production, discovering new efficiencies and ways of delivering more and more ambitious shots. I generally learn something new every day and I believe each new project brings me closer to that stage. 

It would be amazing to push into even larger film projects as we progress.


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