Black Slide

We’re proud to announce our soon-to-be-released animated short film, Black Slide.

Inspired by a moment in director Uri Lotan’s childhood, the 9-minute animated film follows a young boy as he sneaks into a water park to experience the scariest known water slide of the film’s universe, The Black Slide. Throughout the film, a sense of foreboding persists and grows as the character’s emotions are laid bare, we realise that there is more to the boy’s story than meets the eye.

The Slide

Stand-out Design

The Slide is built with a unique animation style inspired by stop-motion and picture-book illustration techniques. By mixing simple design aesthetics with real-world materials, we’ve attempted to create a rich and tactile experience that immerses viewers within a child-like reality. We have achieved this vision using a bespoke facial rig that can be applied to 2D drawings amongst varied frame rates. 

As well as providing funding, our skilled team of digital artists have been drawing upon their rich experience of work across, television, advertisement and film to assist with the production of the film.

A truly global project, the film’s production team includes individuals from LA, Tel Aviv, France and of course Manchester UK.

Our Co-Production partners are The Hive Studio based in Tel Aviv.



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