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Robin and The Hoods

We were commissioned by Silver Reel and Future Artists Entertainment to provide all the Visual Effects on family feature film, Robin and The Hoods, starring Darcey Ewart, Naomie Harris, Gwendoline Christie and Mark Williams. The Flipbook Visual Effects team established the magical signature of the film, crafting CGI fantasy creatures and complex magical simulations to bring the rich fantasy world to life.

Robin and the Hoods follows the adventures of 11 year-old girl, Robin (Darcey Ewart), and her group of friends who find their beloved playground at risk of being converted into a new leisure facility.


Fired by her imagination, Robin is the bright-eyed leader of a group of kids, the Hoods, who love to play fantasy games on a patch of land they nickname The Kingdom. While their biggest concern is a rival gang looking to take over their domain, things get serious when plans emerge to develop the area that’s their playground into a new leisure facility for the town. Faced with the ruthless spokesperson Clipboard (Naomie Harris), Robin and her friends must find a way to save their play area before it’s too late.

The official trailer for the film has now gone live, ahead of it’s release Summer 2024.

Visual effects Robin and the hoods

Director – Phil Hawkins

Production Companies – Silver Reel & Future Artists Entertainment

Visual Effects – Flipbook Studio


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