LEGO / Merlin Entertainments

LEGO Discovery Centre

LEGO was a massive part of all our childhoods. It has inspired and brought joy to countless kids and ‘big kids’ for decades. The LEGO Discovery Centre is all about building and exploring and play and fun and the new flagship LEGO Discovery Centre in Brussels wanted a new promotional film and Key Arts to promote these attributes. Flipbook won a creative pitch to produce the film and artworks, working closely with London agency BMB, CYLNDR, LEGO and Merlin Entertainments.  The film and key arts focus on how the centre encourages imagination, the collaborative nature of building with family and friends and also the humour that has become synonymous with the LEGO brand.

We organised a green screen studio shoot utilising a number of foreground custom LEGO builds for the talent to interact with, built by LEGO’s very own Master Builders. Our CG animation team then designed, animated and composited in a number of animated LEGO sequences and environment assets, to bring to life the various zones in the LEGO Discovery Centre. These included LEGO characters and vehicles, as well as custom LDC builds.

Client: LEGO / Merlin Entertainments

Creative Agency: BMB Agency

Production/Post Production/VFX: Flipbook Studio


The Key Artworks needed to represent each of the core zones within the LEGO Discovery Centre and had to work as standalone key arts, as well as together collectively. The zones were therefore designed on a series of platforms at different heights, so that assets in one zone wouldn’t be masked or hidden by assets in another.