Kasedo Games & Bulwark Studio

Ixion – E3 World Premiere Trailer

We were asked to create and produce an announcement trailer for the thrilling strategy space opera game, Ixion. Our treatment used a combination of CGI assets, in-game models, motion graphics, animation and a double exposure technique to create some of the more poignant moments in the trailer. The trailer plays out like a inspirational corporate promotional video, a celebration of CEO Vanir and what his company DOLOS AEC has achieved. Not all is as straightforward as Vanir would have you believe however.


Authorised by DOLOS AEC and its enigmatic CEO Vanir, players guide the Tiqqun space station onwards in a perilous journey to find a new home for humanity.

The trailer was used to announce the World Premiere of Ixion at the PC gaming show at E3 2021