Flipbook Studio Announcement: Remote Working

To make sure our team remains healthy while working on our busy run of projects, Flipbook has now switched to home working. We successfully trialled remote working last week to ensure that we could still carry out all current and future commitments. VFX, 3D and 2D animation production lend themselves a little better to remote desktoping than some industries, so we’re fortunate in that respect.

Having said that, we are not immune to the challenges ahead and will be focusing more than ever on bolstering the collaborative workflows and partnerships that we have with our clients and suppliers.

The edit suites in our studio facility will remain open for our editors and colourists who will be allowed to travel in out of rush hour where necessary, but clients will be encouraged to remotely connect to sessions in these suites.

For our creative partners that rely on live setups – such as on-site shoots for films, TV series and commercials – cancellations and postponements are no doubt already having a detrimental effect on business. As a VFX/animation provider, and a studio that’s very much part of that supply chain, we know this only too well. We’ll be lobbying as much as we can for government support through the UK Screen Alliance, PACT, The APA and other industry bodies and would encourage all to do the same. We’re also here to be supportive and flexible on current and future productions with clients. If animation is a viable alternative to live-action then we can help in that area too.

Give us a call if we can help and for more information, click here.

Our studio phone number has been diverted temporarily to a number of mobile phones, but in the unlikely event that you do have difficulty reaching us, then please email, as it’ll reach a number of the senior team.

Stay classy…and healthy!