Flipbook at the Move Summit Animation Festival 2020

Flipbook Studio’s co-founders Andrew Lord and Ben Haworth are delighted to present at Move Summit 2020, an animation festival taking place on the 21st of February in Edinburgh, Scotland. The duo will introduce their latest work on Star Wars: Origins.

Ben Haworth and Andrew Lord from Flipbook Studio at Move Summit 2020

Featuring over a hundred 4K VFX shots achieved in less than two months, the short exceeds what you would expect from a typical fan film due to a combination of professional standard cinematography, production and VFX. The result – as attendees will be able to see at a private screening session – is a thrilling action-adventure that matches up to the great standards set by the epic space-opera media franchise created by George Lucas.

Star Wars: Origins takes a distinctive look at where the saga began, telling an epic story based on earth during WWII. Drawing inspiration from both Star Wars and Indiana Jones (also George Lucas), it features some of the most technically challenging shots Flipbook Studio has worked on, including the rise of a star destroyer out of a dune. At the Move Summit, Haworth and Lord will explain why they took on such a unique project and run through their work on the film. 

If you want to have a chat with us at Move Summit 2020, drop us a line here.